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Kuala Lumpur Prostitution & Western Values

I have noticed a common factor amongst the naysayers when it comes to participating in the Malaysia P4P scene – they all exhibit an irresistible compulsion to attach western, Christian values to it.

When you’ve lived your life in a western culture there is no escaping the influence of Christian values, even if your views are secular (non-religious). These values underlie much of our instinctive feelings towards everyday matters e.g. attitudes towards monogamy and the guilt that is attached to promiscuity. It has even verged on the ridiculous… people in some countries, e.g. the Philippines, are still told that contraception is sinful!

This sort of nonsense demonstrates the prudish mentality that runs throughout the west; it’s almost as though the act of sex is a dirty thing that we should be ashamed of. When you step outside of western culture and head to Escorts in Kualalumpur, you find that people don’t have the same sort of hang-ups about sex, and that includes the P4P scene. Misjudging matters in Kuala Lumpur due to different cultural preconception is common even for ex-pats, as the story below demonstrates:

Malaysia Escorts

Pattaya Hookers (and a clueless ex-pat)

I’m not saying that the Kuala Lumpur prostitution industry is regarded as being a respectable career choice for young women, it isn’t, but it has nothing to do with the exchange of cash. The extent of the P4P industry and its facility with western men is particularly grating for some people due to their moral objection to the purchasing of flesh. In their eyes, this is simply wrong on any level, but in Call Girls in Kuala Lumpur this sort of thinking simply doesn’t exist.

Paying for sex is not looked down on for its own sake; the reason why prostitutes in Kuala Lumpur are seen in an unfavorable light is that it runs counter to the Malaysian perception of what decent women are. A good woman in Malaysian culture is deemed to be someone who is very reserved, shy, and pure. It’s the over-familiarity of prostitutes and the way that they solicit themselves in order to get customers that causes disgust. Sex workers are seen as being the antithesis of what a good, decent, virtuous woman should be.

Now, I’ve no doubt that the gender-neutral left-wing morons in the west who argue that everything is a the social construct will have plenty to say about the woes of attaching roles to what women should be, and how ‘toxic masculinity and the ‘patriarchy’ are to blame for it all…My suggestion to these fools is to at least try to cast an objective eye at the Malaysia people, and then ask themselves who are the happier – your average Call Girls in Malaysia or your average ‘liberated’ western girl?

In a nutshell, if you feel that it is wrong to exchange cash for sex, then don’t do it, but accept that your feelings are not universally shared and that they certainly aren’t shared by the girls working in the Kuala Lumpur P4P industry. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not stating that Malaysia people have an anything-goes attitude towards sex, regular people are usually very conservative in their views, but the exchange of cash for sex is not reviled in the way it usually is in the west.

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