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Call Girls in Malaysia

Middle-aged visitors

This is the main group of visitors that come to enjoy the pleasures of a sex vacation; those guys aged from 20 – 40. There is still a large number of men in this group who are first-time visitors, especially at the younger end of the scale, but most have been many times before.

There are also plenty of Escorts in Kualalumpur in this group who are intent on spreading their love, but I think there is a growing body of men who are here for long-term romantic opportunities rather than for purely lustful purposes.

Modern technology is having a big impact on the bars in Kuala Lumpur and… the best girls have always been reluctant to work in bars for fear of being seen by someone from their hometowns, but there are lots of girls online at:

Call Girls in Malaysia

Is it exploitation?

Diverging opinions regarding moral & ethical conduct arises from the Call Girls in Malaysia industry, and especially the participation of westerners in that industry. Aspersions are frequently levied by people with an agenda… or an ax to grind.

One of the most common arguments employed against western participants is that they are acting in an immoral manner by using their financial means to exploit local prostitutes in a land where people are not so economically fortunate. Personally, I don’t see why anyone should regard the geographic origins of the men that participate in the sex scene as having any relevance at all.

If the objection is one of the differing financial fortunes then what about poor westerners who save up their spare cash all year for a single annual vacation – should they be excused from this objection… and what about wealthy Escorts in Kl nationals who participate?

Related to the exploitation the argument is the mistaken sentiment that the girls involved have other realistic employment options if only they could break free of prostitution. This is nonsense in most cases, Kuala Lumpurland is getting more and more developed, but it is still a poor country by western standards.

The girls who enter the P4P industry often do so because it is the only way to raise the necessary cash in order to be able to provide for their parents, siblings, or children. There’s little free healthcare, no state retirement fund, and these girls often have no realistic alternative way of earning a sufficient income. In other words, if the Escorts in Malaysia industry is a bad option for the girls working in it, it may well be that the alternatives are worse.

I’ve had simpletons criticize me on this point, with the argument that I wouldn’t want members of my own family working as hookers. Of course, I wouldn’t, but that misses the point. I also wouldn’t want my own family members to be suffering such hardship that this sort of work is the only realistic way out!

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