Review of The Legendary Escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Call Girls in Kuala Lumpur

Angels Massage Review Kuala Lumpur

Jimmy blog, body to body, Happy Ending Massage 1 shot, Kuala Lumpur, full-service sex, happy ending massage 48 Comments. In the industry of Kuala Lumpur’s full-service sex massage parlors, the name Angel Massage is legendary. It’s been in business for over 10 years and I refer to them as the godfather of massage brothels in the KL red light district.

Just imagine the number of hand jobs, blow jobs, and full fuck service that occurred within the walls of Angel Massage. They are one of the first brothels to take advantage of widespread exposure on the internet when businesses started creating websites. Just take a look at Call Girls in Malaysia’s retro late 90’s website and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For the longest time Angels Massage had reputation for being the hottest young Kuala Lumpur massage girl. And also, for employing the most massage ladies, boasting over 50 girls at any given time. They still boast a large line of sexy Kuala Lumpur girls today so I’ve been recommending small bachelor party groups to make sure and check them for an insane stag party

Location of Angel Massage is its key to success…

Easy to find and easy to get to if you’re staying near a sky train station. Though there are a few nice guests friendly hotels in the area like Arise Sukhumvit Hotel and 24 Inn near many happy ending massage shops.

Call Girls in Kuala Lumpur

Back to Angel Massage

So, I haven’t been to Angel Massage in ages. A full year to be exact. Because today, there are so many other full-service massage shops in Kuala Lumpur to fool around with sexy Escorts in Malaysia.

When I went back in this week to make this review it felt like I was going back to see an old friend. I truly felt that way because back then, I visited Angels Massage frequently. I even had a haircut inside for the hell of it. There’s a tiny hair salon in the lobby but it’s not really for the public. It’s meant for the massage ladies that worked inside. I got drunk, couldn’t speak a lick of Kuala Lumpur back then. I guess because I spent so much money inside they indulged me with a haircut.

Just this past week I went in early, about 3 pm. It’s quiet by then but should have enough choice pick of girls available. Don’t rely on their website gallery. It’s not updated and hasn’t been for long while. When you enter the mamas and will show you their massage prices. Now, keep in mind Angel Massage prices on their website only shows the price for massage only.

A Word About Angel Massage Prices

One of the reasons why I’m writing a review about Call Girls in Kuala Lumpur is because there are too many guys out there sending me emails asking me if the prices on their website include sex.

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